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Friday, January 21, 2011

A Day in the life of a Housekeeper

                                                          The Beginning:

     I will begin by saying this- I just fell into being a housekeeper. I had lost my job eons ago and began by working for an agency. Your days in an agency is like you're getting practically minimum wage, they tell you where to go, and you have no say whatsoever about what you will or will not clean. The home-owners leave often times long lists of things for you to do in a four hour period.
     I have been cleaning something all my life beginning by being my Mother's maid, then in whatever jobs I have worked in, and for my complaining X-husband. Although I really don't like to clean my own home- I have always found it easier and most of the time enjoyable to clean for others. It is a service that usually makes you feel good. It's a fact that it is a challenge that gives satisfaction when you walk out the door knowing you have completed a job well done and to the best of your ability.
I am starting this today because some of my days are really crazy and others are boring. I will try to tell you about the day in the life of a housekeeper to the best of my ability and when I think it has been a boring day I will tell you about days long passed they were not. My experiences have all been happy, sad, fun, unbelievable, and any and every thing you can possibly think of. So just hang in there with me in my first and future attempts of how things in a housekeepers life really are. Also the fact is we really do not like to be referred to as maids because we feel that went out in the last century.
      Since today wasn't very eventful, let's start with yesterday. The day started late at  Mrs. White house followed by the stay out of the way house (called this because even if they are home they definitely stay out of the way)  My helper and I arrive to be met by the dog who is trained by us that if she doesn't jump on us with her starchey paws she will receive a treat at the treat canister. Some one is home upstairs watching television. Since we are only doing the downstairs portion of the home today we never find out whose home. Never mind we do not care if they say Hello or Good-bye. We just wanna clean and go  (wow...maybe a new business name)
1/20/11by housekeeper

1/20/11by housekeeper

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